All contact lens price RM25 - RM35/pair
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beautiful lens only RM25!


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  • Clean your hands with soap and dry them. Dry hands will allow easy handling of contact lenses.

  • Take your one lens gently out of its storage case. Place it on the tip of the index finger of your hand. Use your right hand to insert a contact in your left eye, and your left hand to insert a contact in your right eye. With your opposite hand, slightly raise the upper eyelid up. Use the middle finger of the contact holding hand to pull down the lower eyelid.

  • Look upward and gently place the lens on the lower part of your eyeball.

  • Gently release your eyelids and close your eyes.

  • Blink your eyes four or five times. This will ensure that the lens is properly seated. Repeat the process for the other eye.


  • Buy is at your own risk. We are not responsible of any discomfort,infection,or any injured to your eyes

    Any eye problems contracted after wearing lenses bought DOES NOT hold us responsible.

    Customers should stop wearing the lens if you develop any side effects. We will NOT hold responsible to any conditions.

    Please check with your optician whether your eyes are suitable for wearing lenses especially when this is your first time.

    I can only guarantee that these lenses are authentic but i cant guarantee that your eyes is suitable for lenses!
    So please check first.

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